Why A Powder?

NEWtritious products are carefully handled, so that they maintain their vitality & put in nitrogen sealed packets to keep them from oxidizing before you consume them. What’s the point of taking having antioxidants, if they’re going to oxidize in the packet or in solution?

To fully understand what we mean, you have to know a few things about nutrients.

Nutrients 101:

No premixed liquid can physically hold as many nutrients as a powder. Check our label. We pack more bio-available nutrients into every serving than anyone else.

It has been proven that vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that are dissolved in liquids for a period of time lose their effectiveness. So a lot of what goes into that pink drink might never make it out.

Dilution can also cause enzymes to become inert (inactive). Enzymes are the proteins that cause chemical reactions – like the absorption of nutrients. If the enzymes become inert, the nutrients may never be absorbed. If the nutrients don’t get absorbed, what’s the point?

Pasteurization kills more than just the bad stuff! Nutrients start to break down, once they’re in solution. And that’s a good thing (short term), because it’s during that breakdown, that our bodies can absorb the inherent nutrition in vitamins and minerals. Leave vitamins or minerals in water for more than a few days, however, and they start to spoil. To ensure products in liquid don’t spoil, they get cooked at high temperatures to kill the living forces in the nutrients. That process is called pasteurization. It not only kills harmful bacteria, but also kills the enzymes & renders the essential nutrients to become inert (inactive) as well.

Preservatives – are spoilers. Ready To Drink (RTD) beverages & supplements also include some kind of preservative. Sounds good except that preservatives keep the water-soluble vitamins from breaking down and becoming absorbed easily by the body. So, there are a few things working against your favor, when you try to get the vitamins and minerals you need from that bottled beverage. That’s part of the reason why we’re encouraging you to… “Take A Powder!”

Nutrients sink. So to keep your pink drink in the pink, additional non-nutritive ingredients are added to keep the vitamins suspended in solution. Looks good but what does it DO for you.

Liquids are also often over-loaded with artificial sweeteners. And that’s all we’re going to say about THAT!

At NEWtritious, we’re committed to providing the best nutrition at a great price. We use only the most easily absorbed (“bioavailable”) forms of vitamins & minerals & we want you to have all the nutrition that you are buying!

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